About Us

TRBOR, whose foundations were laid in 2018, carries out R&D and P&D studies with the aim of being transformed into products with high added value in facilities equipped with high technology at global standards of boron mineral, which is one of the most valuable underground resources of our country;

Approximately 73% of the world’s boron mineral reserves are located in our country. Turkey has an important position with the reserves located in Bursa, Eskişehir, Balıkesir and Kütahya.

Boron forms compounds with different properties with various metals or nonmetals. Boron element and various boron compounds are used in many fields such as defense industry, automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy, nanotechnology, nuclear industry and its applications.

Focusing on developing sharing and win-win relations across the country within the framework of the “National Technology Move”, TRBOR aims to add value to the national economy with its innovation and technology management experience.